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App - Sol Raveh

Player Name: Mary
Contact: [plurk.com profile] gyhldeptis; Gyhldeptis#2447 on Discord
Referred by: Shannon
Other characters: N/A

Character Name: Nall
Series: Lunar: Silver Star Story / Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Canon Point: After the end of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Lunar Wiki: Nall
Silver Star Story
Eternal Blue


As a protector of the world, Nall is (obviously) protective of those he considers his to protect. When his children were threatened, he took off to fight those who took them without a thought to their abilities or that they were Shadow innates (bad guys). His own life stopped mattering to him the moment his wards were threatened. This, in some respects, extends to his healing abilities. The more protective he is of someone, the more he'll work to help them.

Despite how protective he is, Nall is also extremely standoffish when it comes to humans. He was terribly hurt by the loss of Alex (and Luna, of course). He doesn't put it this way, but I've always taken it to be part out of fear. He's afraid to have that connection again, to feel that sort of love for someone, just to have them die in what is barely a moment of his life. It's too painful to be more or less standing still in time while someone is born, grows old, and dies. He can, and sometimes does, warm to people enough to be something more than an acquaintance but not quite a friend.

In his own ways, he is dependable. He makes sure his boys have food, water, shelter, and clothes. He makes sure they stay safe and reach adulthood. He can't, however, be depended on to get someone out of trouble if he sees no reason to be protective of them. So generally, if someone is over eighteen and gets into danger, tough luck. He will help them as far as he feels he ought to. He might give someone directions or give them a vague answer as to where something or someone is, but he's not going to handhold them or be specific. If they want it, they better be willing to look.

For as much as he doesn't want to become close to a human again, he still has two very weak points.

One of them is his very serious love of fish. As much as he denies being anything like a cat, he can eat his dragon-sized weight in fish and still want more. Nall has something of a bottomless stomach. He has no problem with eating himself until he's stuffed and then taking a nap, only to eat some more when he gets up. He loves food, fish especially. If he's hungry, he might just raid a pantry. They are his absolute favorite food and he will react a bit more warmly to someone who has given him fish, so long as it's been a recent thing. Give him a couple weeks and he'll be back to being standoffish unless they've showed some reason for him to be willing to care. Someone who brings him fish as a bribe is likely to get a better answer than someone who he just met, but it's still going to be a vague thing.

The other is his love of bad puns and jokes. If there is an opportunity to make one, he will. He knows it can be annoying and he doesn't care. They amuse him and that's what matters the most. If he happens to find someone who likes his jokes - or even better, someone who laughs because of the joke - he'll decide they must be a pretty good guy/gal after all. He won't exactly trust them, but he'll be more willing to overlook some of their less-than-ideal qualities.

If someone actually does get through his thick hide and he starts to care about them more than just a ward, he'll be very loyal to them. What friends he's had he stuck with through good and bad. He will follow a friend into almost anything. That said, he doesn't really make many. In this same regard, his feelings are very long lasting. If he hated you 100 years ago, he still hates you. If he invited you to come live with him, 100 years later you still have a place with him. This doesn't apply to the orphans, of course; they become adults and have to rejoin human society.

While Nall will usually deny it, he is arrogant and judgmental. He actually points out to Hiro that he, Nall, used to be like Hiro when he was young and calls him arrogant and judgmental. Nall hasn't left those qualities as far behind as he thinks. He automatically judges people who are passing through the area as dangerous trespassers. He does have some valid reasons for this as threats to his kids don't always announce themselves. He does admit at one point that he is still arrogant when the Shadow Dragon cultists break through his barricade and kidnap his kids.

He can often be sarcastic and somewhat mouthy. He's somewhere in his mid-teens emotionally and acts it (except in the execution of his duties as the White Dragon). This comes out the most when someone is rude to him or when he feels threatened, on his behalf or his wards. I take the interpretation that it's his way of dealing directly with something that scares him. Rather than 'run', he's going to bare his fangs a bit and challenge the fear.

There is one notable difference between his cat forms and his human form. The cat is hyper to an extent and excitable, as one might expect a cat to be. The human form is quicker to anger. I assume this is a type of fallout from the type of form he has. People in their mid-teens tend to be moodier and quicker to anger. We rarely see him as a dragon, so it is difficult to say for certain, but it seems to be the logical reason to me.

And lastly, he can be an immature little thing. If he has romantic feelings for someone, he'll do everything but yank on her braids. It's likely a cross of being so young still and living among nothing but children.


He can shift between his kitten form, his adult form, and human form. He can fight in all three forms, although the how varies between each (obviously). The human form has a sword, which may or may not be the human manifestation of his claws.

He is the white dragon; the others are black, blue, and red. The light/dark, fire/water implication is clear enough. Light generally means healing abilities. When he's still a kitten, he's capable of minor healing (generally acting as a Revive spell in battles). The previous White Dragon could do more powerful healing. He would have a better set of healing skills by this point than simply reviving people.

Items on your character:

His human form sword. That's about all he carries.